“Our son is very happy at Indigo Kids nursery. He spent one year at a state nursery where there were many children, it seemed impossible for each student to have the individual attention they needed. At Indigo Kids it is tho other way around. With helpful and experienced teachers we are happy with the way the nursery operates. The students have a good amount of freedom to be their own person, and with small class sizes they get the attention they need. We are also happy with the trips and extra activities our son experiences here. Since sending our son to Indigo kids, his behavior has improved and he looks forward to going to school every morning. We are happy with the direction he is heading in with this nursery. Additionally, Indigo Kids is in a very nice and quiet area which creates a nourishing environment for children. We cannot recommend this nursery enough!“



“My daughter Johanka has been going to Indigo Kids for 3 years. On top of a rich program and highly professional teachers, my daughter and I appreciate the beautiful atmosphere and its location in the middle of the historical Vyšehrad complex. I also appreciate the high quality and delicious food which the school provides with a “green” and clean approach in their kitchen. Thanks to the bilingual program, my daughter can understand and speak English without feeling uncertain and afraid. The teachers are always smiling and have an open and friendly approach towards the children and their parents. We like the individualized attention in the teaching and the focus on the social development among all the children. This is possible at Indigo Kids because of their dedication to keeping class sizes small with enough teachers to support the children. It sounds cliche but it is amazing how smoothly and naturally everything happens at Indigo Kids. I happily send my daughter here and nowhere else.”



“The nursery Indigo Kids is exactly what we were looking for. It is a friendly place where our daughter develops with respect to her age and abilities. Since the beginning we have appreciated the sensitivity of the teacher´s approach. Our daughter acclimated very easily without any problems and in close cooperation with us, the parents, and that is not something that happens at every school. In the past we had an experience at another nursery where our daughter didn’t adapt well to the environment due to that schools apathetic approach and lack of attention. Thanks to the Czech-English environment at Indigo Kids, children not only learn English in a natural way but also learn about different languages and cultures. American teachers are with the children every day and it brings visible results. Our daughter has started to understand and actively use English words and phrases. Moreover, she has no problem watching fairy tales in English. Small groups of children make it possible for the teachers to support the children´s individuality, respect their differences, and attentively listen and work with them. A big plus in comparison with state schools and most of the private schools is the healthy and tasty food they serve. Bio quality lunches low in sugar, with fresh fruit and vegetables, and sugar free drinks are the base of their colorful meals. Its location at the top of Vyšehrad makes it a place with the cleanest air quality in the city, and with few cars around it is also one of the safest areas for a nursery. Vanda is very happy there and always looks forward to going to the nursery, which for us as her parents is the most important thing.“