We offer quality organic lunches from BIONEA

6.12.2021 (MONDAY)


beef soup with noodles and vegetables
broth from bones, onion*, carrot*, celery*, parsley*, cabbage*, homemade noodles*, sea salt, spice*

Allergy info: 9, 1p, 3

Main meal

fried steak of alaska cod, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce Bionea
alaska cod, fish spice*, lemon juice*, wheat flour*, eggs*, breadcrumb*, canola oil*, sea salt, potatoes*,
sour cream*, pickled cucumber*, cane sugar*, sea salt

Allergy info: 4, 1p, 3, 11, 7

7.12.2021 (TUESDAY)


kale soup with dried plums
canola oil*, onion*, kale*, paprika*, dried plums*, potatoes*, cumin*, garlic*, spelt flour*, sea salt, wild spice*,

Allergy info:1š, 7

Main meal

baked šunk ́n ́fleky with smoked meat without preservatives, cabbage salad with peppers
smoked meat without preservatives, canola oil*, onion*, garlic*, herbs, milk*, eggs*, sea salt, pasta*,
white cabbage*, colorful pepper*, cumin*, olive oil*, vinegar*, sea salt

Allergy info: 7, 3, 1p

Why Organic Foods?

The most natural food we can offer children are made with organic ingredients. So the ingredients used in the food we serve are mostly from organic farms. 

Price of Lunch 95 Kč

Price of Snack 20 Kč

8.12.2021 (WEDNESDAY)


red lentil soup with tomatoes and zucchinis
onion*, canola oil*, mashed tomatoes*, zucchinis*, red lentils*, savory*, vegetable bouillon*, garlic*, sea salt

Allergy info: 9

Main meal

baked turkey with wild spice and thyme, mashed potatoes with onion
turkey, chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, canola oil*, onion, wild spice*, thyme*, garlic*, sea salt,
spelt flour*, potatoes*

Allergy info: 9, 1š

9.12.2021 (THURSDAY)


spinach soup with eggs and whole croutons
onion*, vegetable bouillon*, canola oil*, spinach, garlic*, milk*, spelt flour*, sea salt, egg*,
whole pastry*

Allergy info: 9, 7, 1š, 1p, 3, 11

Main meal

chicken risotto with vegetables topped with cheese
chicken and chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, onion*, garlic*, carrot*, leek*, peas, corn,
tamari, rice, cow ́s cheese*

Allergy info:9, 6, 7

3.12.2021 (FRIDAY)


bean soup with spelt dripping
white beans*, onion*, canola oil*, paprika*, garlic*, celery*, carrot*, parsley*, marjoram*, savory*, wild spice*,
spelt flour*, sea salt, parsley tops, dripping: eggs*, spelt flour*, sea salt

Allergy info:9, 1š, 3

Main meal 

little buns with vanilla cream, seasonal fruit
wheat flour*, eggs*, sea salt, butter*, cow ́s milk*, cane sugar*, yeast, lemon peel*, vanilla sugar*,
vanilla jelly*, turmeric*, seasonal fruit*

Allergy info: 7, 3, 1p

List of food allergens that are subject to legislative labeling according to EU Directive 1169/11

1 Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their
hybrid varieties and products thereof (excluding wheat glucose syrups, including dextrose, wheat maltodextrins, barley glucose syrups, cereals used for making alcoholic distillates, including ethanol of agricultural origin)
1p – cereal containing gluten – wheat
1ž – cereal containing gluten – rye
1j – cereal containing gluten – barley
1o – cereal containing gluten – oats
1š – cereal containing gluten – spelled
1k – cereal containing gluten – kamut
2 Crustaceans and crustacean products
3 Eggs and egg products
4 Fish and fish products (excluding fish gelatine used as a carrier for vitamin or cartonoid preparations)
Peanuts and products thereof
6 Soya beans (soya) and products thereof
7 Milk and milk products, including lactose (excluding whey used for making alcoholic distillates,
including ethanol of agricultural origin, lactinol)
8 Nuts, namely: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans,
Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and products thereof (excluding nuts used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages)
distillates, including ethanol of agricultural origin).
8a – nuts and products thereof – almonds
8b – nuts and products thereof – hazelnuts
8c – nuts and products thereof – walnuts
8d – nuts and products thereof – cashew nuts
8e – nuts and products thereof – Brazil nuts
8f – nuts and products thereof – pistachios
8g – nuts and products thereof – macadamia nuts
9 Celery and products thereof
Mustard and products thereof
Sesame seeds and products thereof
12 Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher than 10 mg, ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2
13 Lupines and products thereof
14 Molluscs and products thereof